Tuesday, April 30, 2019

What is the role of Social Media in fashion today Term Paper

What is the role of Social Media in fashion today - edge Paper ExampleFor many people, dress code is an expression of identity, personality, choice and faith. It stop also overweightly affect an individual spiritual self and help out someone connect to the inward self hence realizing self-identity. Marco P tout ensembleis, the author on fashion, describes the importance and meaningfulness between dress and self identity, identity and social status. to boot he explores how clothing rates among the most significant but least evaluated sites of colonization. He is mostly provoke examining clothing as a constituent of self identity, social status and spirituality identity. He writes that of the many issues an individual practice in the quest of earthly vocations, there are none, conceivably, that are so close attached with the whole personality as the dress ones wears (Pallis, 2005). The foremost issue that Pallis observes is how clothing can significantly transforms an individ ual appearance and even the facial looks.It is everyone effort to look appealing in front of the peers, colleagues or even in the eyes of the society on any occasion be it a cable or just a mere visit. What an individual look has a great impact on how the rest and the society in general perceive that person. The image impacts on well-being of a person as perceived by others. In extreme cases, dress code can lead to a lowered self-esteem vis--vis. It is, therefore, of at most importance if one looks appealing. There are many factors that can be used to explain the reason behind the fashions. Nonetheless, we cannot point to any individual factor as the reason why fashion exists amidst us. In one particular case, advance in social engineering makes the information to travel fast than it was back then in the earlier days (Yerima, 2004). There is profound exchange of ideas, cultures, and fashions change within short period of time. A trending fashion will be all over the globe courtesy to

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